Harvest Moon: SNES

Marriage, Gift Giving, and General Info Guide*


Description: Your story starts out, with your parents allowing you to come to your late Grandfather’s farm, to learn what life on the farm is like. You are given two and a half in-game years (ten seasons), to do the very best that you can, before your parents come to check in on you. Try to work as hard as you can, to achieve the highest Farm Degree Ranking! At the end of the two and a half years, the game will be over.

In the first few days of the game, you’ll be given the opportunity to meet all of the villagers, visit each shop, and start the gruelling task of clearing away the mass amounts of weeds and debris that’s grown in on the crop fields.

You have the opportunity to pick one of the five eligible girls in the game, and get married. After you get married, come home by 6:00pm every day, and don’t speak to the other girls in town, and you can have up to two children.

Girls’ Diary Locations

Each eligible girl has a diary, which you can sneak a peek, to see how muchs she likes you. When you’re able to wander around town, take a look to see what the girls affection levels are at.

Ann’s Diary: Enter the back room of Ann’s home, in the back room of the Tool Shop. View the night stand between the two beds, to see Ann’s diary.

Ellen’s Diary: Ellen’s home, in the back room of the Restaurant. Enter the backroom, and look at the night stand beside the single bed on the left.
Eve’s Diary: Enter the back room of the bar, and view the night stand next to the single bed on the left side.

Maria’s Diary: Located inside the Mayor’s house. Once inside, enter the back hall from the kitchen, enter the left doorway, and her diary is located right beside her bedside table.

Nina’s Diary: In Nina’s house, enter the back room. The diary is located on the nightstand, under the flower lamp.

Power Berries

By finding all 10 Power Berries hidden in the game, you have a chance to not only increase your maximum level of stamina, but this will help with your end total Farm Degree score as well.

Berry 1: Plow your fields with a hoe, until you find one.

Berry 2: Continue plowing your fields with a hoe, and you will find another Power Berry.

Berry 3: The morning you wake up to an earthquake, visit the Goddess Pond in the Mountain (left, as soon as you enter the Mountain area.) Chop all the tree stumps, to find a hole in the ground. Enter into the hole, and you’ll drop to where you can now collect and eat the Power Berry that’s located in the Cave.

Berry 4: Catch a fish at the Fishing Tent Pond, and throw the fish back in.

Berry 5: Go to the very top of the Mountain area, and chop all the tree stumps, using your Axe.

Berry 6: Once you have the Golden Hammer, smash the Chicken Statue that’s located at the cross roads.

Berry 7: Sometime during the Fall season, you can trade the Peddler a Chicken for a Power Berry.

Berry 8: During the Harvest Festival, bring along a Full Moon Plant, or a Large Fish.

Berry 9: During the Egg Festival, win the scavenger hunt, and you will win a Power Berry.

Berry 10: During the Winter season, plant a Snow Flower Seed at the very top of the Mountain Summit.

General Information

Town Flyer Information

Take a look at the Mayor’s mailbox every day, to receive useful tips, as well as information about upcoming festivals.


Spring 23 – Flower Festival: Go to Town Square, and you will have the option of dancing with the girl your like. You can also buy her perfume for 1000G.

Fall 12 – Harvest Festival: Bring a food item to Town Square to celebrate the Harvest Festival. Give the food to Ellen’s Mom, and she will put it in the big soup pot.

Fall 20 – Egg Hunt: Go to Town Square and you will join in a scavenger hunt for eggs. The grand prize is a Power Berry.
Winter 10 – Thanksgiving: If a girl’s heart points are high enough, or you are married, that girl will bring a cake to you at your farm.

Winter 24 – Starry Night Festival: This evening is spent with the girl you’re interested in. Talk to her the day before, to find out where she’ll be spending Starry Night Festival, and be sure to join her at the right place and time.

Spring 1 – New Years Day: Visit the Mountain Summit on Spring 1st of each year (aside from the first year), to ring in the New Year with the whole town.


Bell Tree: Sometime during the Winter season, the Hawker will visit your farm, saying he has a Money Tree for sale for 20,000G. Although he lies to you, it’s a Bell Tree, which will automatically call your Cows back into the barn in the evening, saving you time.

Free Watch: Upgrade your house to the Super Deluxe Log Cabin by the end of the first Summer season, and you will receive a watch.

Easy Birthing Cows: Once you have a mature Cow, purchase a Miracle Potion and a Medicine Potion. Give the Miracle Potion to your Cow, and immediately afterwards, give your Cow the Medicine Potion. Your Cow will give birth in 3 days, instead of 30 days.

Golden Chicken: The Hawker will come to your farm, and ask you to buy a magic bean. Buy the bean, and plant it at the Mountain Summit. After it grows into a tall beanstalk, climb it to receive a Golden Chicken. Sell the Chicken to the Peddler on the weekend, to earn 10,000G.

How You Are Doing Code: After going to sleep, the screen goes black. During the black screen time, hold these buttons (at the same time): R, L, Start, and Select — and it will show you, based on how you’re doing in the game at that point in time, which endings you will receive.

Cut More Wood: Chop all of the tree stumps near the Carpenter’s house. Enter the Carpenter’s home, then leave the building. When you come back outside, all the tree stumps will reappear.

Fence Protection: As long as you leave your dog outside, your fences won’t break. This is of course, unless it rains or snows.