Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

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Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

Table of Contents

Index: Protagonist, Controls, *New: Download Content, Menus, Glitches/Other, Copyright Info
Storyline Walkthrough: 1st Skytree, 2nd Skytree, 3rd Skytree, 4th Skytree, 5th Skytree, 6th Skytree, 7th Skytree
Skytree Village: Requests, Villagers, Shops, Festivals
Your Farm: Your House, Crops & Flowers, Animals & Pets
Marriage: Requirements, Candidates, Heart & Date Events, Your Child
Activities: Cooking, Fishing, Mining


You start the game with options to choose your gender, and birthday. You stumble into Radiant Valley during a snowstorm, and with the help of a harvest sprite, you settle down in the house within the valley area.

You soon learn from the Harvest Goddess that the land needs to be restored to its full and former glory, and you set out with your best efforts. Your efforts will also bring new and past residents back to live in the village, beside your home area.


Circle Pad: Moves your character; Fast navigation through inventory
Directional Pad: Sets your direction while in farming mode; Navigated menus; Fast navigation through inventory
A: Farming action, while on farmable plots of land; Select menu item; Farming Menu: Shovel; Till; Talk to Villagers/Interact with Animals; Fish (while in front of water); Harvest/Milk/Shear/Brush Animals
B: Jump; Close Menu; Farming Menu: Dig
X: Opens Menu; Farming Menu: Fill
Y: On farm plots, toggles farming menu; Farming Menu: Close Menu
Start: On farm plots, toggles camera view
Select: On farm plots, toggles camera view
L: On farmable plots, spins camera view clockwise
R: On farmable plots, spins camera view counter-clockwise
L + R: On farmable plots, resets player’s camera view, for character looking ahead

Main Menu

Press “Y” to open the main menu. There are 12 items to view:

Collected Items: Displays all items you’ve harvested and collected throughout the game, including the amount of items harvested.

  1. Crops, and Mutations
  2. Fish and Animal Products
  3. Wood, Mineable Items, and Shorn Animal Products

Bag: Many tabs appear in your bag, as you’re able to hold many things. Open this menu to view what you’re carrying at the moment.

  1. Materials
  2. Seeds
  3. Flour, Fertilizer, Feed
  4. Crops, Flowers
  5. Fish, Dairy
  6. Cooked Dishes, Ingredients
  7. Insta-Buildings
  8. Key Items
    • Items in this area are not sellable, and cannot be thrown away. Important storyline items will also appear in here, as well as your tools, and upgraded tools:

Farm Tools: 

After using a tool many times, your Rank will increase, then the Harvest Goddess will come to you in your dreams, asking you to speak with her. She will reward your hard work by upgrading the specific tool that coincides with your raise in Rank.

  1. Harvest Sprite Whistle:
    • Rowan will gift this to you in the beginning of the game. If you ever get stuck, blow the whistle, and he will transport you back to your house; although bear in mind that a few hours will pass, by the time you reach your destination.
    • Upgrade: Harvest Goddess Whistle: When you use the whistle, you’ll now have the option of being transported to an area you’ve already visited, including: inside of your house, the Spring, Radiant Hill (outside of your house), and Skytree Village.
  2. Shovel: Used to fill or dig the ground. Great for clearing snow. Land Action: Digs 1 square. *States there are 6x levels of Shovels.
    • Master Shovel: Land Action: 3 squares
    • Expert Shovel: Land Action: 9 squares
    • Legendary Shovel: Land Action: 25 squares
  3. Hoe: Used to till soil to turn it into arable land. Land Action: Tills 1 square. *States there are 6x levels of Hoes.
    • Master Hoe: Land Action: Tills 3 squares
    • Expert Hoe: Land Action: Tills 9 squares
    • Legendary Hoe: Land Action: 25 squares
  4. Watering Can: Fill it up at a well, and water your crops. Land Action: Waters 1 square. *States there are 6x levels of Watering Cans.
    • Master Watering Can: Land Action: Waters 3 squares
    • Expert Watering Can: Land Action: Waters 9 squares
    • Legendary Watering Can: Land Action: 25 squares
  5. Hammer: A small hammer that can break small rocks and be used to mine. Land Action: Smashes small rocks only.
    • Master Hammer: A hammer that can smash big rocks and mine harder ore lodes. *Can also smash stone land squares (character will take 3 swings to preform the action.)
    • Glorious Hammer: Upgrade: Achieve Rank S for mining. A hammer that can smash any rock with a single blow (character will take only 1 swing to preform the action.)
  6. Axe: An axe that can cut down softwood trees (pine trees, in appearance). *Will take 3 swings to preform the action.
    • Master Axe: An axe that can cut down hardwood trees as well. *Will also take 3 swings to preform the action.
    • Glorious Axe: Upgrade: Achieve Rank S in collecting wood. Will take only 1 swing to preform action.
  7. Fishing Rod: Used to catch fish.
    • Master Rod: A fishing rod that makes it easier to catch fish.
  8. Milker: Used to get milk from cows. *States there are 3x levels of Milkers.
    • Master Milker: Allows you to get high-quality milk easier than before.
  9. Clippers: Used to shear wool and fur. *States there are 3x levels of Clippers.
    • Master Clippers: Get high-quality wool and donkey fur easier than you could before.
  10. Pitchfork: Used to clean barns and coops.
  11. Brush: Used to clean animals.

Requests: View all current requests, as well as completed requests, and any storyline related requests. Press “Y” to view detailed information about the request. If the quantity of a requested item appears in your bag, it will display on the requesters file.

Livestock: Overview of your cows, sheep, donkeys, and horses. This information can also be viewed from the book within your barn. *This menu item is not accessible if you don’t own any livestock.

Chickens: Overview of your chickens. This information can also be viewed from the book within your chicken coop. *This menu item is not accessible if you don’t own any chickens.

Tips: Game tips will appear here, as they’re unlocked throughout gameplay. This information can also be found in your home, from the bookshelf.

Villagers: Information also found from your home, from the bookshelf, this is a fantastic upgrade from our previous title: View your relationships with the villagers, no matter what your location. Birthdays, and Chemistry, also visible.

Drawer: Displays Drawer inventory; to take out, or put anything into the Drawer, you can only do so by interacting with it, inside your house.

Refrigerator: Displays Refrigerator inventory; to take out, or put anything into the Refrigerator, you can only do so by interacting with it, inside your house. Displays items that you have in storage, from the refrigerator at your house.

Dresser: Displays Dresser inventory; to change into a different hairstyle or outfit, you can only do so by interacting with it, inside your house.

Cook: Displays Cooking recipes that you’ve learned; to make recipes, you can only do so by interacting with the kitchen in your house.

Save/Load: This menu allows you to save your game progress, load a previously saved game file, or return to the title screen.

Returning to Title Screen: 

  • New Game: Will enable you to start a game from the beginning.
  • Continue: Allows you to continue from a previously saved game file.
  • Options: Allows you to toggle the volume of the Background Music, as well as the Special Effects sounds.
  • Downloadable Content: Once Download Content is available through Natsume online, you will have the options of buying/downloading/and managing your add-ons through this area. *Wireless internet connection required.


  • When reading about “Woody’s Help” in the Tips section, the first page, second paragraph states “Calvin can grow special Harvest Sprite Trees…” however the section is about Woody.
  • Melanie’s Designs, misinformation:
    • After unlocking more Wallpapers and Flooring to buy through Melanie, the descriptions of the newest addition keep the same description as the last regular item:
      • Wallpaper Description: Give you home a facelift with this leaf-pattern wallpaper. Displays for the following wallpapers:
      • Retro, Girly, Secret Base, Concrete, Cherry Blossom, Ocean Wave, Fancy, Navy Striped, Pink Striped, Tricolor, Mountain, Forest, Sea, Sunset, Sunrise
      • Flooring Description: Your room will look natural with this bamboo flooring. Displays for the following flooring:
      • Lodge, Cobblestone, Grass, Concrete, Red Tatami, Blue Tatami, Green Tile, Blue Tile, Orange Tile, Purple Tile
  • While you have an open request with Naomi, she’ll often say, “Any update on finding the things i asked you for?”
  • High-Level Axe description says, “…will allow you to smash any rock with a single blow.”
  • When viewing Collected Items >> Fish >> from the Bookshelf, the list of fish duplicates (for me it’s) five times. Appears normal, when checking from the menu.

Copyright Info

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is Copyright © Natsume http://www.natsume.com