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Updates to Skytree Village Walkthrough

Posted on Mar 25, 2017

So many exciting things has occurred, so I’ve stepped away from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, to venture back over to Skytree Village. SoS: ToT is pretty awesome, but wild horses couldn’t drag me away from the village right now. Or bears. Bobcats. Whatever.

Besides new Download Content available, first we must gush over the most exciting thing ever to happen in the history of Skytree Village: there’s an update available for the game, to Version 2.00, where you now have the ability to purchase more fertilizers from Sam!! (Yes, this earned an additional exclamation point.) Let’s just get into the updates here, and I’ll link to the walkthrough pages where the info will remain:

Fertilizer for Sale

I can’t even begin to convey how excited I am about this one, as we’d originally learned that, quote from my original farm page:

**CeeCee confirms that Tomato Blend and Peach Compost are currently only available through repeating villager requests; we can’t make or buy them. 

You can now buy as many as you’d like from Sam, after preforming the game system update. These include Peach Compost, Apple Compost, Orange Compost, Carp Blend, Tomato Blend, Barley Blend, Organic Compost, Bass Blend, and Asparagus Blend. *Kegling Blend isn’t on the list, I’m hoping this comes along after I complete the request where Dean asks for this particular blend.

New Marriage Candidates

These two require in-game purchases, however they’re worth it. Nova, a half-human, half-Gorgan, comes to stay in your village, as well as Edmond, Tabitha and Gareth’s dapper teacher. Upon unlocking these two as well, two new statues will be available for purchase from Doc’s shop:

New Items from Doc

By purchasing Edmond’s character pack, you will unlock the ability to purchase a statue of the Harvest Goddess from Doc, provided you have the appropriate amounts of materials, then there’s the statue you unlock for purchase from buying Nova’s character pack: pure gold, pure epic, statue of our favourite world-famous inventor, Doc, himself.

There are also two free DLC packs which opens up Doc’s inventory for decorating your farm even more! These include more fence options, as well as a Harvest Sprite Flowerbed, plus Harvest Goddess Pergola, which may be familiar if you played The Lost Valley.

Nova & Edmond’s Requests

Nova and Edmond’s first requests have been recorded, along with the rewards for completing them. As I progress, I’ll be sure to update request information for these two, along with any other holes I’ve got to fill with the other villagers.