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Skytree Village & Watermelon Gazpacho

Posted on May 20, 2017

Great Watermelon Gazpacho

So super ticked off right now. While confirming the heck out of my Requests list for the Harvest Moon: Skytree Village guide, I’d unlocked the recipe for Watermelon Gazpacho at some point, and didn’t even realize when!

This recipe has been bugging me for some time, as I’ve been stuck on Doc’s Summer #2 request for 1x Great Watermelon Gazpacho for over two years now. When you’re finally able to unlock the recipe and make it for Doc, here are at least the ingredients so you’re prepared:

Great Watermelon Gazpacho
2x Great Watermelon 10x Great Tomato 3x Salt


I’m in the Fall of Year 3, and don’t have the Great Tomatoes to complete this, and finish Doc’s request, so the poor man will have to wait a third year to get fed haha. Poor Doc.

When I get to this point again during my 2nd play-through, I want to be prepared with knowing what it might have been that I’d done to cause this to unlock.

List of Requests I’d Completed Prior to Noticing the Recipe in My Kitchen Cookbook:
Dean #8 Sam Fall #1 & #2 Gabriel’s Summer #2
Bastian’s Fall #2
(*Confirmed this was not a contributor)
Harvest God #5 Harvest God Fall #1
Harvest Goddess Fall #1 & #2 Sally’s Spring #2 Edmond’s Fall #1 & #2
Jeanne’s Fall #2


The only realistic explanation would have been completing Dean’s Fertilizer #8, considering he wanted 3x Kegling melons, and after completing the request, he gave me the Recipe for Kegling Blend, 5x Kegling Blend, and the fertilizer became available for purchase at Sam’s Emporium.

As mentioned, when I roll through again in my 2nd play-through, I’m going to try to sort out the mysterious as to “when” that recipe appeared for me!!

  1. This isn’t a recipe that’s given to us from any of Bastian or Elise’s requests (or given by anyone else, for that matter).
  2. This isn’t a recipe that’s available for purchase from Bastian’s list of saleable recipes.

This leaves me to believe that at some point during unlocking something, the recipe just unlocked along with it. It just confuses me, as I didn’t receive any notification that I’d learned that recipe!

Other things that’s happened during me not having the recipe, and it just appearing all of a sudden:

  • I’d gotten married
  • After marriage, spoke with the Harvest Goddess, and had my Shovel, Hoe, and Watering Can upgraded to Legendary
  • I’d reached Rank S in Popularity (90)

Going to start cruising the GameFAQs forums to see if anyone’s cracked this. I just can’t believe I’ve been so diligent trying to get this recipe, and I missed the unlocking!!!!!!