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Skytree Village Content: Edmond’s Heart Events

Posted on Apr 13, 2017

Skytree Village Edmond

Just finished adding 4 of Edmond’s heart events, can be found listed here:

I’ve been trying to catch “at which percentage” the events trigger. Also update, going to be starting the male walkthrough pretty soon, just as soon as I kick this flu in the gut.

Edmond’s Heart Events

Event 1 (12%): Walk to the Village from your farm, after 10PM. You walk in on Tabatha and Gareth arguing, while Edmond steps in to embarrass them.

Event 2: Walk to the village after 4:00pm, and you’ll find Edmond talking to Sam about his wares. While Edmond isn’t convinced of Sam’s merchandise claims, he does seem genuinely interested in the produce you sell to him. He mentions wanting to know more about you.

Event 3 (48%): Enter Doc’s house after 6:00pm, and Doc will introduce you to Edmond as his “assistant.” Your protests to this title falls on deaf ears, as Doc goes on to show you a new type of invention.

Event 4 (62%): Enter the Harvest Goddess Spring after 2:00pm, and you find Edmond speaking with the Harvest Goddess. It seems the two of them have known each other for some time, and you learn interesting information regarding the main storyline.

5th Event: (Triggered shortly after reaching 83% Chemistry, by completing his 8th request): Enter the Harvest Goddess Spring after 11:00pm (triggered on a Sunny Summer Thursday. Unsure if this is relevant or not: My Crop Discovery Rank is S.)

Edmond tells you the tale of how he came to wind up at this particular time and space with yourself, and decides her wants the two of you to become closer.

You may now propose to Edmond.