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Save $30 on Black Friday, by Staying at Home

Posted on Nov 25, 2016

With the much anticipated sales day of the year upon us, Black Friday sales have come even to us in the North. After awakening this morning, I decided I deserved a gift, so why not shop Black Friday? Only one thing came to mind for me that I’d want to buy, and save money on. For years, I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, now the S5 version. While this device is stellar in operations, I find myself longing for the Blackberry keyboard; while I can appreciate the space-saving methods of the design, the keys were clearly made with the fingers of a chipmunk in mind. I am 33 years old, and with the help of my trusty smartphone, average about 50 billion typos per day, on account of it not being able to recognize human fingerprints.

Cue Black Friday, and all I can think of is trying to save whatever amount I can, to purchase a stylus for this unforgiving beast. There’s no interest for me, in entering into physical shops, where I’m most likely going to be impaled by folks flying down the isles, grasping at discounted mop handles, so my search takes me to the comfort, and safety, of the trusty internet.

After a fruitless search, I’m not finding anything related to Galaxy stylus’, in the form of epic discounts. Actually, I can’t find them at all; maybe I’m the last human on the planet who has figured out this amazing trick? If you’re interested in using a stylus with your Samsung smartphone, and value your safety on this abundant sales day, I implore you to try this trick instead.

On your Samsung smartphone, open up the device Settings. Navigate to “Display,” then scroll down to, “Increase touch sensitivity.” Tick off the checkbox, and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve now just told your smartphone to amplify the interactive feature of the screen, and your phone will now recognize even the slightest touch of the end of a pair of nail clippers. Not to mention, you’ve just saved yourself $30.00 in the process. (That’s like $800.00 USD, in case you were wondering about the current exchange rate.)

The only real drawback with this method, is with not being able to slide a pen-type unit into the phone’s stylus slot. The bonus however, is that you can use whatever is right in front of you at the time — like a tree branch, for example — and then carry on your merry way.

My human-sized fingers applaud this, while not getting run over by the fiery shopping carts of the public. You’re welcome.