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Pocket Goat: Shepherd’s Crossing 2 Update

Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Discovered the most bizarre thing, which I’d titled as a “hack,” however it’s not a hack or a cheat. Updated on the Shepherd’s Crossing 2 Walkthrough section, under the [NUR] Livestock section.

My first milkable animal was nursing, so I’d excitedly started using the Milk Bucket, in order to start confirming recipes. After reading the warnings online that if you over-milk an animal, the mother’s milk supply will dry up, and the baby that’s nursing will starve to death.

Thinking it could do no harm, I used the Milk Bucket on Momma Goat every second day; it’s not every day, what’s the harm? Yup, she stopped producing milk before the Baby Kid could mature. The Fork & Knife icon appeared above his head, but there was nothing he could do to nurse. I’d felt so sorry for this tiny little pixelated Goat, I even tried throwing him at the nursing Sheep – no dice. He needed to be with a nursing GOAT.

Very simply, here is what you do, to keep that nursing baby alive:

– Put it in your pocket
– Wait until a female of the same species is nursing again

I was very surprised that it didn’t fade away or die in my pockets, but nearly a full year later, his mother gave birth and was nursing again.

After throwing the little guy over to her, [it took fast forwarding to the next day, so he could figure out where he was supposed to go], but he started nursing! After a few days, the hunger icon disappeared, and he eventually grew into a healthy, Young Goat.

Pocket Goat


Although it took up one slot in my inventory for nearly a year, I’d saved the little one’s life. I’d been concentrating solely on the animals at this point, and less on crops, so it didn’t bother me all too much.

…Just so that he could grow up, and be butchered for recipes and unlockables.