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Rebel Coffee Pods

Posted on Apr 16, 2016

My mornings are very straightforward: wake up with Spooky, run him some bathtub drinking water, and while I’m preparing his breakfast, the Keurig K200 is getting fired up for my first cup. K. Sounds like a legit morning so far.

All out of the regular K-cups, so I’m reaching for a new pack of the President’s Choice The Great Canadian pods. Insert the pod, and I’m greeted by this message:

keurig-coffee-drm-100534939-large.idge (1)

To deny my brain coffee first thing in the morning, has me wanting to take an axe to the machine.

After searching around online, I learn that the new Keurig 2.0 machines come with a Digital Rights Management system, that will lock out all other competitor pods, because there’s a tiny jerk of a camera, scanning inside for the “Keurig” logo. You can imagine my rage level by this point. Not to mention, that I’m confused and looking at the empty box of President’s Choice coffee, hanging out on the counter, its story being, “I just drank 40 of these. With no problems. And it was delicious.”

I’m baffled, irritated, yet intent on having at least one cup before I get ready for the day, but just learned there’s a potential hack to get around this.

The hack involves cutting off the top of an official K-cup pod, and then just sticking it over top of the “rebel” pod, in order to trick the system.

Bookmark this, as it may save your life one day: http://www.keurighack.com/

I can’t believe that technology has come so far, that I had to hack my own coffee pot. Thankfully the ordeal was fixed before having to put pants on.