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Nintendo Switch Sales VS Poverty in the Americas

Posted on Jun 18, 2017

Reading Recent News Regarding Sales Records for the Nintendo Switch

It seems Nintendo’s most innovative new console has in fact made record sales during the first month of its debut into the marketplace. What I don’t understand, is how, in the Americas, many households still sing that song of dance about living between the poverty line, and paycheck-to-paycheck. (This is no myth, from where I’m sitting, single, only roommate being a cat. I’ve just been really fortunate to have good jobs in an area with no industry.)

A recent article within CBC news really perked up my attention, where Manitobans are demanding increases to the minimum wage, above the current $11.00 per hour, the article is as new as written on April 28, 2017. (That’s a monthly take-home of not even $1,500.00 for one individual, in case you were wondering).

So if we’re all living in such poverty in the Americas, how is it even possible that we’ve helped this single system to raise in the ranks, of breaking the sales records of its time, during its debut?

So now when I hear the word “Nintendo Switch,” all I hear now is, “So which…”

…Switch…Sw-itch…So Which…

“…So which is it: countless demographics in the Americas are poor as hell, or so we keep saying that we are, or we’re all actually living in the lap of first-world luxury, dropping $399.99* on a brand new video game console, just because it’s the trending new thing?”

So Which Is It?

*That’s just what the Walmart in Manitoba was selling it for (+13% MB sales tax = $451.99), not a clue where it’s at now, price-wise.

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