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New WordPress Link Preview Feature

Posted on Oct 28, 2016

Just learned the strangest thing this morning, that’s become more of an inconvenience, than a visual help, for my online employer.

It seems that within one of the most recent WordPress updates, anytime you post a regular URL link, WordPress thinks it’s helping by, not leaving it in text format, however including a preview of the link content:

Example: Let’s say I want to post, just a link within a Page or Post, to one singular other page:

What I Want to See: http://jengrayson.com/product/kawaii-food-cute-3d-cup/

What the WordPress visual editor is now automatically displaying, all pretty-like:

Kawaii Food: Cute 3D Cup

While many might feel this works for them, it’s not something that everybody wants on their website. Not to mention, this type of function is appropriate for platforms like Facebook, not always on a website. Not to mention, this stands to confuse entry level users, and that’s not why they’re using WordPress.

A simple solution, is to download and install a simple WordPress Plugin, that will k-bosh this entire instance. It’s called “Disable Embeds,” and you can download it here:


You’re welcome.