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First Day of Holidays: Moving at the Speed of Crazy

Posted on Jun 17, 2017

Too much excitement as I started my day. It is the “official first day of my holidays,” and all I wanted to do was create. This, amusingly, got out of hand pretty quickly, as my focus took off like a freight train on a bridge, but like one of those broken bridges, where the train falls to its doom? That type.

  1. What motivated me out of bed was the want to learn how to 3D prop models for video games
    • Also wanted to learn “why we were taught in college that 3D models are better created with “quads,” but I look at works for games, and they’re often in “tris.” *This refers to each face of the model either having four sides (quad), or three sides (tri). What’s the deal?
  2. Didn’t matter, by the time I’d found a great tutorial area, I’d decided to open up the the latest version of the video game guide I’ve been working on.
    • To ensure the book’s progress, and optimal fun for me, I told me to, “work on a little bit, and then shift over to another project, when I feel like it.”
    • That didn’t last long, until I figured…
  3. I really need to start populating my web store with more stuff–like, I’d originally started adding some cute 3D models; they’re free, as I’m just starting, and I have some super cute furniture models I wanted to add in there, but I also want––
  4. To get back into the digital scrapbooking game, when a long time ago, I’d learned a bit how to craft epic stuff for digital scrapbooking, however…
  5. It occurs to me, my website needs some TLC, so I get to work on updating the SEO, for better search engine optimization.
    • Just need to clean up the CSS, and I’ll start rocking that, promise.

I’m only officially an hour and a half into my holidays, and I’m already on my third cup of coffee. The only thing that would really complete this moment is that Benny Hill theme song. I’m a little tired.