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Day 1-4 3D

Posted on Dec 4, 2015

In an attempt to fully get to know 3D modelling again, I’ve taken to challenging myself: learn a bit, every day, for 30 days straight. So far, the results have been astounding.

Day 1: Everyone needs to start somewhere, and I took to learning all of the basics of the program, well as much as I could muster in one sit-down, anyways. While starting with the basic tools, keyboard shortcuts, and learning again a little more about polygons, here’s where I started:


Day 2: Getting to know the planes, tools, keyboard shortcuts; still just learning. Then I found “texture as file,” and got a little side-tracked. The floor plane doesn’t look great; I see I’ve got a lot to learn. Not bad for Day 2!


Day 3: Decided I’d had enough of the basics, and started checking out some tutorials online! To be honest, after I’d gone all the way through this Tupperware tutorial, I had a better understanding of how to model, than in the first month of being in school:


Day 4: I’m done with learning the basics!! Not to say that everything’s 100% memorized, but I’m somewhat confident with my skills, by this point. This was the day the confidence spiked to an all-time high (so proud, I could cry):


It’s been pretty wild so far. I admit that I couldn’t have come this far without the basic training from college, however I’m rather impressed with how things have been progressing. Going to saddle in for Day 5 tonight. #stoked