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Day 6 & 7 – 3D

Posted on Dec 24, 2015

Ok, so I totally crapped out on my “30 days in a row,” but whatever 🙂 No excuses, so here we go!!

Day 5 – Started modelling an interesting looking room – I had been following this one tutorial online, but it got kind of boring, so I decided to try making one of those epic sitty-type-windows.


Day 6 – For nifty reasons I can’t explain, I love IKEA furniture. With having been adding stuff to a wishlist for months, I’d decided to pick a few series’ that I love, and try modelling the furniture. Started with an easy series; mostly square objects, so easy enough to continue getting comfy with the basics, furniture from the LACK series:


I really want that red side table.

Going to work on my rendering/lighting today; all pleases me, except this.