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3D Day Whatever

Posted on Dec 30, 2015

Not going to pressure myself anymore about the “30 models per day/every day/etc,” I fully spoke of this in the last post, so back to the good part:

Still in Learn Mode, I wasn’t sure where to start with modelling last night, but I wanted to, I knew that much. So what to do? I started wandering around Twitter aimlessly. Although that doesn’t sound very productive, I did find an inspiration for my next piece: through an ad, with dinner plates in a neat stack; although I couldn’t tell what exactly what the ad was about, it hit me:

That’s a terrible ad! Is this for a hotel, or dinnerware?!

As well as: I can model dinner plates!

Almost there, but boring. Then I was reminded of a set of bucket-type things that I’ve been wanting to get from IKEA (yes, we’re going back there). There’s one real spanky product photo for these FINTORP buckety containers, where the products are placed all lovely above a kitchen sink. I’d love to do that similar, in my own kitchen! But for now, we’re just going to snag that photo, and use it as a reference:


Nothing more to really report at this point, other than it’s not complete, and the tap makes me sad. Faucet. Whatever:


PS. It’s totally not going to happen in here, although I’ll use the buckets for make up and crap storage in the bedroom. Since I’m in an apartment, I have a feeling, if I muck around with the kitchen backsplash, there won’t just be buckets hanging, I tell ya.